4 year old music lessons?

Jenny - posted on 02/23/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




My four year old son LOVES music. Loves to dance, to sing, to pretend he's playing the guitar, to listen to ANY type of music. So I was considering getting him started on a musical instrument. Any suggestions? What instrument do you think? And what can I expect to pay? Is he too young? Will he even have an attention span for it? Has anyone here started their kids on an instrument? Thanks for the help!!


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Does YOUR SON WANT to learn to play an instrument? If so what instrument does HE WANT to play? At 4, I think he should be able to decide for himself.

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Find a teacher that 'gets' kids and make sure it is fun for him ... try to have him gain experiance with many types of instruments and styles

Tina - posted on 02/24/2011




If he's interested definately get him started on the guitar, piano or even drums. But the important thing is to still keep it fun and interesting for him. Then he's likely to keep on with it as he gets older.

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I started taking piano lessons when I was four and am still playing 29 years later:) Like someone else here said, make sure to find a teacher who makes it fun at first or it will seem like a chore.

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My daughter is 2 now and when she gets a little older, i'll take her to do something that has to do with music (singing and dancing), she loves it. Plus she's from a very musical family on both sides so i know why she loves it so much :D

If your son loves music, ask him what he wants to do, he'll love it and you would be so proud when you watch how much fun he has. :)

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My four older children play the piano and violin and have been playing since they have been 7 years old because thats the age the piano teacher said she wanted them! And violin teacher told me after they do two years with there piano she would be able to teach my child the violin! so my oldest son Michael is in 8th grade in the Advance Orchestra at school! He has been taking violin for 4 years already! My other son who is 12 years old he is very good in piano and violin! i am hoping he will be in the orchestra next year in school! He is also very good in school straight a student he also wants to be an Opera singer! He loves music when he was 4 years old he asked for an piano! They love playing both. My Son Simon asks everyday when is he going to learn to play the piano he is only 6 years old I told him one more year! He says yes He cant wait!

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I would suggest looking for a Kodály or Orff class or teacher, and staying FAR FAR AWAY from the Suzuki method. (Lots of people swear by Suzuki, but my Suzuki lessons were the reason that I never learned to play the violin, which was my dearest ambition when I was four. The experience was so awful that after they kicked me out -- because I used to occasionally look out the window during lessons, and because my dad taught me to play "Twinkle, Twinkle" before the teacher said I was ready -- I refused to ever pick up my violin again.)

Piano is good because it's easy to make visible progress, although if you don't have a piano it's a huge expense to get one. (You can get really good keyboards these days, though, which may be a good solution.) Wind instruments are tricky because you need bigger hands than a four-year-old's to play them, except maybe a recorder. One reason so many little kids start on string instruments is that they come in teensy sizes; the problem is that they're hard to play and can sound truly dreadful in the beginning stages, which can be frustrating.

At such a young age, as some other people said, the personality of the teacher is paramount. You need someone really patient and kind who genuinely enjoys teaching little kids.

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Thank you all so much for your helpful and polite responses! Great suggestions, thank you EVERYONE!

Kimberly - posted on 02/23/2011




Most kids that age are into music (my 5 yr. old daughter for one)...It really depends on the child: what they prefer, how well u can tolerate the loudness that comes with it :), etc. U may be able to find a class that offers a month to month or wk to wk pay basis...That way u can have a trial period to see how he will adjust to the classes and if he even remains interested since most children are excited at first n then the minute it seems like its turned into a "chore", they change their minds...Good luck to yall

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I started playing the keyboard at about that age. Even though I gave it up and changed to guitar when I was about 10, it was still very valuable - I still remember how to play keyboard and read music now from that time. I started my son in piano lessons when he was 5, but he didn't like it, he's more into his sport, so I let him drop them. But I think if a child is interested, now is as good a time as any.

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My son isn't quite 3 yet, but if his interest in guitars keeps up.... He'll definitely be taking 'lessons' at 4 or 5. Of course, he has a few 'uncles' that will be teaching him, so I don't have a clue about actual lessons. ;)

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