4 year old scared of ballons

Nitha Mary - posted on 11/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




yesterday I took my 4 year old for a birthday party.He was crying loudly and closing his ears as balloons were all arround.All the time he was thr closing ears.He likes to play with children but yesterday's behavior was soo starnge.He is soo scared of crackers too...otherwise he is quite fine.
What i should do?


Jan - posted on 11/13/2013




Acknowledge his fear and allow him to work through it. I'm willing to bet at some point he has been scared by a balloon that unexpectedly popped right? It scared him so now he is afraid that it will happen again, his natural instinct is to protect himself from it happening again so he avoids balloons and covers his ears when he is near them. he may have some auditory sensitivity going on too which is going to make the problem worse. For people who are very sensitive to noise any loud noise like a popping balloon or strange noise like the sound two balloons make when they rub together can cause actual physical pain so there will be a heightened fear response to those noises. For now I would simply avoid those items that scare him and respect that even though his fear seems irrational to you it is a ligitamate fear for him no different than the fear many feel about spiders or snakes or standing on a ladder. Moving forward you can try to gently expose him to the positive things the items have to offer. Maybe try allowing him to play with balloons at home in a more controlled setting. Let him see you blow it up slowly and release the air without it popping or put just a little air in it and show him that balloons don't always pop and can be a lot of fun. Follow his lead though you want it to be fun not more stressful or you will make the problem worse.

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