4 year old son with diabetes starting school

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my 4 year old just started school, one thing though he is type 1 diabetes just wanted to know why isn't there e nurse in school for kids with disabilites to take care of them i have to go to the school 2 times a day to check his sugar levels because there is none one that will do that for him what should i do with that school i had to leave my job because of that


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Danielle - posted on 10/01/2012




Hi, My son is type 1 for 10 years in April 2011. He'll be 14 in Dec. His management sounds very much like your son's. Except he uses Humalog(fast) and NPH. 3 injections a day and 50-60 carb meals 25 gram snacks! He didn't always feel lows at that age but as he got older, he got better at recognizing the symptoms quicker! Thank God!! I can sympathize with you about the school nurse problem. We have always had a nurse, but, in elementary school,if she was sick there was no sub nurse that could do a blood sugar or administer Glucagon! Me and one other "diabetic" mom met with the superintendent. We explained that there always has to be someone there to help when they're low and why. You know all the reasons well I'm sure! We also have a 504 plan. That protects them regarding bathroom needs, eating, drinking, testing( Mcas), field trips, and what the school's responsibilities are.You could try approaching it that way, but always nicely, and see if it helps. I stopped working as well. And even though we had a nurse I still went on every field trip and volunteered at the school every chance I could! (up until he banned me in 6th grade) Always remember, you do have a 24/7 job!! Good luck!

Shota - posted on 09/29/2012




thanks for the replay

when i registered my son at our first meeting with the school they were ok with it but because my son is so different from other kids that have diabetes he needs he's sugar to be checked every time before and after they go for outdoor activities and gym they changed their mind they said that that is to much of the work and we aren't comfortable doing the test he takes so little insulin but still 80% of the time he is low with no symptoms what so ever for each main meal breakfast lunch and diner he 4 units of NPH and 1 unit of NOVORAPID in the morning and at night he only takes the 1.5 units of NPH WHICH IS THE LONG ACTING with that much insulin he takes 50 to 60 grams of carbs and on his snacks he takes 20 to 25 grams of carbs that's why i said he's so different from other kids with diabetes even the diabetes clinic doctor nurse and the dietitian are surprised he hasn't left the honeymoon stage

don't know what to do

Michelle - posted on 09/14/2012




Our school doesn't have a nurse in it and on of my friends' daughters has diabetes. One of the teachers will check her sugar levels and if they are out will contact the Mother.

Have they given you a reason why one of the teachers won't check his blood sugar levels?

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