4 yr old dilemma.

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I have a 4 year old daughter that is very particular about mostly everything. She is a mummy's girl as me and her father split up when she was around 2 yrs of age. She will throw a tantrum about me not getting the right shirt for her but then when i tell her to find one herself she will give up before even trying and cry about it for a very long time. She is a shy girl but has gone to daycare and kindy and has always interacted with other kids. She has an older sister and they get along fine most of the time. The girls usual bedtime is 7:30 pm but my youngest will always come out and make excuses to not be in bed and i am always going to bed early to suit her otherwise she goes to bed too late waiting for me to go to bed and yes the two girls sleep in my bed another issue i am trying to overcome. I am need of help as i am at my wit's end and i am all out of options.


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If you are wanting to stop the co sleeping then you need to start with that. She's old enough to understand that you don't go to bed at the same time because you are older. Even my 2yo understands that Daddy and Mummy are older and stay up later.

You need to put them in their own room and have a night time routine. Bath, teeth, book and bed is usually a good one. After they have had a bath get them to brush their teeth and then read them a book in their own beds. When you have finished a book (or 2 if they are in the same room) then it's lights out and bed time. You will need to be ready for the ups and downs and excuses for things until they get the message that there are new rules and you aren't backing down.

I have 3 children aged 11, 8.5 and 2.5 and they all now know that when I say it's bedtime I mean it. My oldest one did have a hard time when I split from his Dad and it took me a while to get him to put himself to bed but now he's the easiest one.

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