4 yr old fever 99-103 but acts fine.

Sarah - posted on 09/01/2010 ( 17 moms have responded )




My daughter is 3 yrs 8 months. She has been running a fever of 99-103 for 5 days now. On the 1st day she came home from aunts house & was complaining of a tummy ache and ended up with a 103 temp & vomit 2x that night (she had drank milk earlier & with a temp so maybe thats why?) She was complaining that night that her "brain hurts"

& she had a 103 temp then. Gave her tylenol & it went down to 100. Since then she has been acting fine, her crazy lil self (at night she has said her brain hurts but thats usually when the fever is the highest.). Anyone have any idea why she could be running a temp & yet feel fine?


Erica - posted on 09/04/2010




my son would do this when he was around 2. It is called clylic fever. They can run a fever for no reason at all. keep plenty of tyelnol around for him. It goes undiagnosed most times because we often dont take children in for just a fever. Might at your doctor about it

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It could be from TEETHING. My daughter's molars coming in at 2 and 10months yrs old.

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It is possible that she has an infection of some sort and may need antibiotics to kick it as it has been 5 days now. Her fever is not dangerously high, and her body can cope with a temperature of 103, so it wouldn't be doing her any harm. In children and babies a temperature of more than 105 for a long period of time can cause damage. But since it has been so long, I would have her looked at. A fever is the bodies way of fighting something, often infection, so there is always a reason for it, even with no other symptoms.

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Thats what im thinkin'. If she is not better by friday afternoon then im taking her in again. Usually the dr says they cant do anything for a viral & takes 5-10 days for it to get better. Id rather be safe than sorry. Thanks for your input ladies.


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her body is probably fighting a virus,but i would get it checked out,cause if her head hurts could be more serious

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Last year my 5yr daughter would run an fever ranging from 99.1-103/104, for 1 then it would go away for 24-36 hours. Then it would come back for a day or two. Go away again for 24-36 hours. This cycle repeated for almost 2 weeks, 3 separate months, with in a 12month period. She would act normal, even with high temps, 75% of the time. I took her to the pediatrician and also to our other dr, and both said it was something viral. I took her in every time it happened at least once or twice, and everything ended up being ok. Haven't had a problem with it in over a year now. (knock on wood) :)

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Well i last night at about 9pm her temp was normal 98.6 & also this morning at 6am. Got home tonight at 5-6pm and it was 100.3 so i said enough of this & took her to the dr. They checked her over ears, nose, throat, tummy, etc. She was acting crazy while she was in there even. Jumping, running, singing songs etc. Dr wanted a urine sample but since the receptionist said he wouldnt need one she went right before she saw the dr. So got sent home with a cup & said if she is running a fever tomorrow to get a sample & bring it in. He said if she were to have a bladder or UTI with a fever that high for almost a week, she would be in the hospital by now. Said if urine comes back fine then they are going to test some blood. He said her being as active as she is with a temp its very reassuring. Thank you ladies for your input & help. I'll try to keep ya updated.

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fevers always spike at night. have you called her dr. i would be a little concerned about the headache. could just be a virus

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I don't know but since she's had a fever that long you really might want to take her to a doctor...especially that high for that long and tylenol isn't helping.

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it could be an ear infection my little girl used to get them alot and always had a fever with it.

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Sounds like a viral infection. However, if not better within the next day or two a trip to the pediatrician is in order.

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My son is the same way. All the time he has had a fever, I have brought him to the doctors. He would be running around the waiting room. We would get into the exam room and he would be acting happy and talking. The doctor would laugh and say are you sure he is sick. She would check his temp and he would have a fever. I just think it depends on their tolerance.

If you are not happy with the results of her exam then definitely get a 2nd opinion. Just remember you are your child's advocate.

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Doctors will often say not to worry about it until the temp hits 102. Since her temp is above that I would find some help somewhere else. Call the doctor's office and insist that they leave a message for the doctor - not the nurse. If you're still not getting the help you need, go to urgent care of the ER and find out what's going on.

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I took her to the dr today to have her paperwork for school filled out. I mentioned it to them & the nurse acted like it wasnt a big deal. I asked if it could possibly be teeth & they just gave me a piece of paper that didnt really help me any & said sometimes if i eat to much sugar i get a headache.

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I would personally have her looked at 103 is pretty high, and if it has been 5 days she might have some kind of infection.
good luck

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