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About a year ago I moved in to a friend's house who happens to be male. We had been friends for a few years and before moving in we did have a few intimate encounters, although we did not have sex.
Things happened during the few years we were friends and I felt that there was no longer any attraction between us although we remained great friends. After about six months of living in the same house, we had sex one night. Consequently, I am now pregnant with the child of a non-christian, 40 years old and unmarried with two teenage children already.
Children are a gift from God, no matter what., and of course I have every intention of keeping the child. However, I know I am going to be judged for this by other Christians.
She should know better, she is old enough to know better etc.
I also know that the father of the child is pretty much atheist and despises my beliefs, although he does care about me and there is a caring, friendship love between us. I know that raising this child will be difficult because of the difference in beliefs. If he had it his way I am sure he would prefer to raise the child himself, his way as a single dad.
I know I commited a sin by having sex outside of marriage, and although the baby is not a punishment, it is the result of my sinful action.
I've not been going to church in the three years since I was saved. Will a church accept me as an unwed pregnant mother? actually, I am technically still married to my first husband. We separated over 6 years ago and although divorce has always been the intention, we have both never really gotten around to it. Sounds silly i know, but that's the truth of it. He and I have no plans to get back together.
As I am writing this I am imagining what others may be thinking, and I understand. What a mess I am in!


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Okay, you are right in a lot of things you have said. People will judge you and the funny thing is that a lot of those that call themselves Christians are really bad about it. And they need to go reread that Bible. Secondly, a church should not look down on you for this mistake you made and embrace you and support you and help you find what you need for the child's sake. Third, if you plan to raise the child with this man, you two will have to compromise on what you want this child's values to be. Fourth, Go finish the divorce. But be warned that being pregnant the court is going to want a DNA test to prove the baby is not your husband's before they will finish the divorce. And to be honest, this day and age, even though a lot of people call themselves Christians, they are no more that than they are royals because they judge others. Its for God to judge us not others.

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