41 weeks pregnant & desperate

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I'll be 41 weeks tomorrow. Have yet to dilate, doctor will induce next monday if nothing happens from now until then. I was induced with picotin on my first and went though hell for 3 days resulting in e-cs. My son was an elective cs. I'd really like to avoid a csection this time around but will choose that over the picotin anyday ! Any tips on home remedies for jump starting labor ? Also no dd is not off, we found out at 4 weeks in office of pregnancy. I feel like my body has no idea what to do. Could this be possible ? Thanks in advance fellow mommies !


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Curry or Chinese food
Raspberry Tea
Castor Oil
Eveniong Primrose Oil

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Try acupuncture. I was 4 days overdue with my first, and also wanted to avoid induction at any cost. I had 2 sessions back to back on a Friday, plus a belly massage. The acupuncturist was convinced something would happen over the weekend. Contractions started 24hrs later and my daughter was born Monday night :) There's no guarantee, but it's worth a try!


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Try raspberry leaf tea and eat some pineapple. They will ripen your cervix. Lots of walking and sex. I went to 42 weeks so i know how you feel, its overwhelming. Don't try castor oil. Its extremely dangerous.

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Thank you I think I'm going to ask doc about the balloon thing. I had a miscarriage before our oldest which resulted in a D&C they put a plant thing that made me dilate completely within 24hrs. It was painful but it worked. I was wondering if they could do something like that again. The drip was just horrible experience ever I swelled horribly and stayed in hospital a total of 11 days. CS takes a long recovery & with the kids in sports I'd hate to miss their games so I'm hoping I have a quicker recovery this time around !

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I'm not sure if the picotin was just a 1 time thing or not, but contractions were strong & constant just didnt result in dilation. I made it to a 4 and mained stuck for 2 days, they broke my water & nothing ! (with 1st) I went to an accupuncture place yesterday and tried some castor oil. (YUCK btw) resulted in contractions but they stopped after 3 hours so they sent me home. I'm only enfaced (?) 25% mucus plug is intact & no dilation. Sex is out of the question at this point I feel like a whale lol and cant get comfortable enough to get mine. Praying something happens soon ! :(

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Sex - seminal fluid has prostaglandins that help ripen the cervix
- at climax, your body releases Oxytocin which helps strengthen contractions

Nipple stimulation

Some folks use natural herbs, BUT they can be dangerous if not administered by a professional.

Best of luck! My little one waited until the doc was starting to monitor her before she decided to show up.

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I was doing aerobic activities when my water broke with my son, I am a dance instructor so was teaching class. With my daughter I taught class the day before my water broke. This being said had to have the drip both times as I don't dilate past 4 cm on my own.

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I know too well the desperation you are feeling. I don't know if the pitocin problem you had was a one time thing for your body or what. I was induced with 2 of my children, however with my first the doctor stretched me and put a balloon in to dilate me to 3 cm over night..it did end up falling out at 2 cm but I personally had a wonderful experience with being induced.

My first labor was 7 hrs start to finish. The 3rd one was almost the same. 2nd one doesn't count..I went into labor on my own but the did the drip to make things move quicker..and she was stuck ..so after 11 hrs the doctor pulled her out with forcepts. So I figure that one doesn't count.

Walking is a GREAT way to move things along. Sex..which is no fun when you're miserable..is another great way.

Hang in there....it will happen soon. Nobody has EVER been pregnant forever.

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