42 things to ♥ about parenting

Katherine - posted on 03/08/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




From Strollerderby

1. Watching them sleep. There’s nothing more precious than the site of a sleeping baby, and that stays true no matter how old your “baby” gets.

2. Baby smiles. So sweet, so contagious, a baby’s smile just lights up a room.

3. First words. Whether they go for classics like “Mama” or something funky like “Tickle” and “Kitty”, the first words from your baby’s mouth are unforgettable.

4. First steps. I’m a sucker for firsts of all sorts, and the baby’s first steps are one of my faves.

5. A sense of the ridiculous. Kids are endless sources of absurdity.

6. Reminders of what really matters. There’s no getting too attached to plans or material possessions when kids are in your life. They keep you grounded in what matters most.

7. Second chances. While I love firsts, kids are experts at reminding us that when we make mistakes, we get to try again the next time.

8. Learning together. As your kids grow and learn, you’ll be learning, too. There’s something deeply fullfilling about the discoveries you make together.

9. Children’s museums. Kids are your built-in excuse to go play at the Children’s Museum. Likewise the playground, kid’s concerts and all the other fun places you’re too old to go without a tiny chaperone.

10. Sharing your joys. Your kids have a whole world to discover, and that includes discovering all the things you love. You’ll get to share your favorite books, movies and activities with them. They may not love all the stuff you love, but you’ll build some great memories trying things out together.

11. Watching your parents become grandparents. Suddenly, they’ll give your kids all the treats they’d never let you have in a million years, and smile while your darlings turn feral before their eyes.

12. Did I mention watching them sleep? There’s nothing like watching your child in peaceful slumber to end a long, joyful day together.

And another 30 quick hits on stuff to love:

1. Crayons

2. Cute outfits

3. The cute outfits they make themselves

4. Craft projects

5. Mom friends

6. Laughter

7. “Help” with your shopping

8. Dancing in the streets

9. Stopping to smell – and pick, and sometimes eat – the flowers

10. Baby overalls.

11. Bathtime!

12. Finger paints

13. Believing in fairies

14. Tasting everything

15. Bedtime stories

16. Saying grace

17. Family movie night

18. Favorite colors (that change every day)

19. Slumber parties

20. Finding the perfect babysitter

21. Snow days!

22. Baby kisses

23. Mother’s Day cards

24. Helping with homework

25. Family bike rides

26. Picnics

27. Mud pies

28. Sledding

29. Reading together

30. Naps

If you’re noticing a theme, and that theme is sleep, its only because I love sleep so very much these days. My kids and I took a red-eye flight home from California together this weekend, and later on we had a family nap that will live forever in my memory as one of he most delicious naps of my life.

What do you love about parenting? Add your favorites to the list in the comments.


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Kristin - posted on 03/08/2011




I love the way you love your mothering! I am at the latter part of raising my own kids and my youngest is 12. I've loved so much about my life with my babies(all of the ages)

I now am awaiting my first grandchild and I'm so glad the my life around my babies is taking on a new chapter. God bless us and God bless you and lengthen your mommy time! Savor it, they don't stay young forever : )

Mabel - posted on 03/08/2011




that first completely voluntary REAL hug when he puts his arms around my neck and actually squeezes me back...wow that is a feeling I will never forget.=)

Lissa - posted on 03/08/2011




We just moved house and the decorating has just seemed never ending. Just when my husband and I were on the verge of complete collapse and ready to give up my son piped up "Good job Mummy and Daddy, you are doing really well".
I love the way little ones can turn sadness/upset/sheer exhaustion into something lovely and/or hilarious.

The way they squeeze you so tightly when they hug.
Their smell.
Home made cards and gifts.
Building dens, indoor picnics on rainy days.
Skipping and singing along the road and not caring who sees or hears you.

A million other things, a look, a roll of their eyes when they think you are being silly, a smile, a laugh..........

Katherine - posted on 03/08/2011




The crazy things they do that drive you nuts but you find it cute somehow anyways (2yo).

The "poop" painting.

When they learn new things ie: how to read and count (5yo) and (2yo).

Their smell

sleeping with them

Louise - posted on 03/08/2011




The welcome home smile at the end of the day and sheer delight to see you.

When nobody will do but mummy when their hurt.

The silly sentences they say when their learning to talk.

I could go on forever here!

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