4th grader still can't tie own shoes

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My 4th grader was never properly taught to tie his shoes. He grew up with velcro and slip-on options and when shoes needed to be tied, he chose to have me double knot and then he slips in and out daily until they get too loose for comfort.

I'm a single mom juggling multiple income streams to make ends meet and his dad travels for work, so we haven't really taken the time to really push him to try a little every day, but it is getting riduculous.
My questions are:
1) Why isn't this taught in kindergarten like when we were young?
2) What is a good way to teach him? He struggles, but the embarassment of others knowing he still lacks the ability isn't overwhelming enough to push him.
3) How many others out there are seeing older children lacking this skill? Some of my son's friends are also in the same boat.


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/25/2014




Well, the answer to your first question is that, this USED to be a skill, much like knowing your name and address, that parents were expected to teach their own children prior to school.

Get him a shoe to practice on, that he can leave out, and have around any time. Work with him daily, a little bit, and he'll be fine.

I work at a university. I see plenty of kids leaving the laces undone, but because they 'can', not because they can't tie a shoe. And, if you're seeing a lot of your son's peers in 'the same boat', I'd say its time for you folks to take a few minutes each day to spend time with your kids. They can learn a lot more than just how to tie a shoe...

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