4year old daughter going on 18

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Hi guys! I'm in desperate need of some unbiased advice! I have a nearly 4 year old daughter and an 8month old son. My daughter is such a wonderful little girl with a mind of a young adult, which sometimes is lovely and others it really concerns me. Recently Everyday without fail she tells me she doesn't like me and her daddy and that she wishes I wasn't her mummy. She also has serious attitude in her voice which is unbearable. Now just this week she has started hiding with her brothrs dummy, wanting to wear his nappies and acting like a baby. We have tried all kinds of things o stop the rudeness but nothing works. I'm just hoping that others mums are having this and it not just my little angel :-)


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Michelle - posted on 09/02/2012




the fact that she is stealing her brothers stuff and trying to be a baby again leads me to believe she is feeling left out you are now spending more time with baby then her and she is jealous try allotting a certain amount of time each day where it is just you and her time maybe while baby is napping tell he it is girl time and do something fun or interesting that she would enjoy I think she just wants more of your time.

Dove - posted on 09/02/2012




Totally normal. Stick to your boundaries with firm guidance and consistent discipline.... Let the comments about wishing you weren't her mummy just roll off your back. She doesn't REALLY mean it... she's just not happy about something and that's how they tend to express it.

Has she recently started preschool? They pick up a LOT of attitude from school and it takes a while for them to realize that what wasn't acceptable at home before STILL isn't acceptable. Once you get things 'under control' again it should be better.... until she hits pre-teens. ;)

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