4year old not communicating

Cheris - posted on 10/08/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My niece is 4 yrs old she does not speak full sentences, does not say or pronounce words correctly, she will give objects, things, foods different names even colors for example when she says yellow she means purple. She very very hyper does not like to share at all jumps around all over does not listen to her parents at all if they tell her not to touch or do anything she will purposely do it. She gets a kick out of abusing her two dogs the little dog attacks her and she thinks it hilarious. She also still not fully potty trained still sucks a pacifier and drinks from a bottle a couple of times thru out the day and her mother puts baby cereal and baby food in her bottle at that. She likes to spit stuff out her mouth doesn't know her alphabet maybe first three to five letters can't identify letters or numbers doesn't really count maybe to the number 5 then mixes them up. No shapes not many colors and is a pure dare devil her mother isn't trying to get her help or inquire I think she is in denial or scared of what the outcome maybe. Can anyone help me do you think something is wrong with her maybe I have a four year old boy and he's doing all of these things and way much more. I need answers I feel so sorry for her. She also doesn't like to eat many foods just a couple like pancakes Mac and cheese or franks and Italian bread, no rice no beans no meat ever just bottles and the couple lids she likes, did I mention extremely hyper sometimes mean to her cousin which us her same age but he seems to understand her


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If you live in the US I would have her evaluated by either AEA (your local school can get you connected) or her doctor. AEA is a free service....they will evaluate and also if there is a need provide what is needed for that need (speech therapy, physical therapy, etc.) for free. From your description it is hard to say if it is a parenting issue or a child issue. It sounds like the parents might need some parenting classes. Her speak could be due to many different things....if she is not eating much but baby food she is not developing the muscles she needs for speech. If she is still on the bottle and pacifier this also affect speech and her development of muscles and her mouth as well as her teeth. As for behaviors if parents are not following through with discipline and only threatening or sometimes following through then you are going to see the behaviors she is showing. Same is with her learning. If her parents are not working with her on her learning then she is not going to learn. Colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet should be something that is done throughout their day every day. It should just be in their normal daily talk.....like you are drinking milk from the blue glass. or lets count the steps as we walk up them.

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