4yrs Pooping Pants Daily, History of Bad Diet and Constipation While Living with Grandma, lives with Dad and Stepmom now.

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Hi fellow mothers,

My hubby and I need some help. Here is the scoop, our four year old has spent the past two years living with his maternal grandmother. He lived on a diet of McDonalds chicken nuggets and white bread and sugary treats. She says he was constipated and pooping his pants all the time, she would give him suppositories, enemas, and miralax. When she took him to the dr he said he was suffering from encopresis which has desensitized him.

Now he is living in a house that is very health conscious, I have celiac and my father in law is diabetic. He eats very well now and poops regularly (same time almost daily), however he still winds up going in his pants if we dont tell him to sit on the toilet in time. It happens at least every other day, sometimes up to 3 times a dad. He also fights sitting on the toilet, he will scream "I dont have any poop mama, I dont wanna poop," but each time he poops. Sometimes he even tantrums while his poop is coming out. He says he doenst feel it, which i believe to be very true.

How do I get him to have feeling again down there? We tried, treats, reward charts, and were at our wits end. I feel like his grandma ruined him with the bad diet as well as the enemas and supositories, he also has a 6 year old half sister who does the same thing at his grandmas. Also, him and his sister pooped just fine before they moved in with grandma.

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