5.5 month old fussing,crying, and screaming

Karri - posted on 01/20/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is 5.5 months old and has been fussy and crying alot lately after 7 PM. We rock him, feed him, burp him, let him stand, let him watch T.V., walk him, give him a bath (also tried the shower). Nothing seems to comfort him. Lastnight I put him in his crib for the first time (he was in his bassinet prior) he calmed right down and went to sleep. Tonight we put him down and he was fine for about 5 minutes then just cried and screamed. We allowed him to for a little while thinking maybe he would cry himself to sleep, but no my husband and I are taking turns trying to help him. Lastnight, he woke up 5 times in a 9 hour period of time for his bottle. Any suggestions on helping him more? We are new at this and I know there are some people who don't believe in letting their little one cry/scream, but when you are doing everything you can think of to comfort them and nothing works then what? He is teething, no teeth as of yet. He doesn't like the cold suck toys, and doesn't like the binkie much. We have mits on his hands as he scratches his face all up otherwise. We are giving him tylenol as needed and again he only seems to need that at night. During the day he is fine. I can't stand it that I can't fix this. Help.


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It might be teeth, have you tried oragel? If you don't want to medicate use frozen waffles, freezie pops in the plastic, frozen fruits (all my babies loved pineapple rings)

I wonder why he is waking so often to eat though.. how much is he eating on each feeding? Have you started him on cereal yet? How much is he eating during the day?

Is he burping normal amounts, he might be getting gas stuck in his little belly. If not look up different burping holds on google. There are also gas drops which help some babies.

You said bottle, so i assume he's on formula, if so what type? Has it changed recently?(even brand even if they say they are the same, they aren't always)

Does he cry more when he is laying down? If so, it might be heartburn. If that is the case raise the crib up about 6 inches (not the mattress, put books under the legs) You can also try letting him sleep in a carseat or swing, to help out for a bit.

Really crying can be tons of things. hopefully i've given you a starting point even if it doesn't solve it. As far as putting him down, go for it. i understand it. It's better to put them down then to let them feel your frustrations. I usually walk over and say hi and smile when i'm calm but i won't pick them up right away. They need to know you're there.

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