5 days late, feeling sick and cramps in lower belly

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Hi all. Im new to this type of stuff but just thought i would reach out so see if i could get any help.

I was on bcp but took myself off last month to give myself a proper clean out. My boyfriend and i have unprotected sex often but when im off the pill we are careful. We had sex around the time i 'ovulated' in which im not sure when that is i just go by what the app says. the condom broke and i went to go get the morning after pill but the phamisist wouldnt give it to me. Anyway, about 2 weeks ago i started getting these cramps and feeling a bit ill. Went to the doctor last week and he tested me for pregnancy it came back negative. All of last week i was feeling moody, emotional, my nipples were very sore for three days only and was still getting cramps in my lower belly. I did feel some fluttering in my lower belly but not sure if that means anything. Usually when im off the pill i get my period straight away and start feeling really really sick, have excruciating pains and feel vey very tired. I was due this week starting 18.7.16, but i havent gotten it yet. All ive had is cramping and feeling sick of a night time only amd trouble sleeping last couple of nights. occasionally will get cramps and feeling queezy during the day but nothing i like i should be getting and it is only belowy belly button. I feel bloated (i actually feel very fat when im not). And today i felt sick on and off to the fact i left work early to go home and lay down. I do feel more tired than normal but not sure whats going on. I

If anyone has gone through the same thing, please help me as i havent had any pregnancies before.
And please honest opionions wouls be great as im a little scared.

Ive had 3 negative Tests all together
thank you!!!


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Its not that i dont want a baby. Its just all very new. It probably seemed that way but not the case at all(:

Plus the time im off the pill we use contraception but it broke and the chemist wouldnt give the morning after pill to me.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 07/21/2016




When is the last time you had a pregnancy test? You could have taken them to soon, and they did not read the hormone level to indicate pregnancy. If you have indeed missed your period, get another test and use the first urine of the morning because it is the most concentrated with hormones.

Stop having unprotected sex if you don't want a baby.

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