5 month fussiness

Monika - posted on 06/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, I wonder if any of you have an idea if this is normal, before I call the nurse at my doctor's office. It doesn't seem there is much wrong with my baby but I'm worn out to the limit these past two weeks. After she's been colicky there came a blissful month for my precious baby and I, we played, read books, she was fine on the playmat. Now she's unhappy and fussy all the time but not to the point of crying intensly, just fussy and whiny, my idea was teething, so I bought a homeopathic gel, didn't see a change in behaviour yet, perhaps the formula I have to supplement her with could cause this? I do hear her belly making watery noises... And last but not least it all seems to have started when she started rolling over, so sometimes it seems to me that she cries out of frustration because she's no longer happy with just lying on her back playing with toys on her mat so she ends up on her belly, she rolls each time I put her down, also no matter what I do, it seems she's very interested for about 10 minutes and then I have to find something different and new to do or she's fussy again. I even put her on her little chair I dragged in front of tv to give my arms a break and it only gives me about 15 minutes to rest. She was fine when I took her to Target yesterday, loved looking around, but I cant do that everyday as we live far from the city. It's very buggy where I live and I tried taking her for walks but I ended up being covered in bug bites and she was bored in a bug net covered stroller. She seems not content with nursing but doesnt like the bottle much either, she'll drink when very hungry, which made me think of irritated gums. All in all she's not crying her head off but she's unhappy and I'm tired which affects our family life, I have a 7 (almost 8) yo stepson who has summer vacation (and is currently punished, rightfully, by dad for something he did so that adds to overall stress level as all his toys were put away for all summer and he's bored out of his mind refusing to read books) and Im afraid how long until my energy level runs out. So my question finally is for moms of 5 months + babies - is this a normal stage in her development? Did you go through this?


Isnel Adasa - posted on 06/19/2013




yes it is a normal stage.. firstly u need to pray & trust God. I pray God will give u the strength,energy & wisdom for ur situation. God is able!! if ur baby is 5 mnths maybe it's colic and colic is usually inconsolable. it may b hard to bear,but there's a upside down hold u can try it works really well. i'l try getting a pic for u. in relation to ur 8 yr old stepson-put it to God,i'm not sure wat advice to give u there

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