5 Month old can't hold head up?

Emily - posted on 04/12/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 5 month old son can't hold his head up. He tries, but it flops forwards or backwards or side-to-side. He is able to hold it straight for a couple seconds. We give him tummy time, but does it do anything if all he does is lay there and cry? He does look up during tummy time to look at toys, for brief periods though.
His head is a bit longer than usual because he was in the NICU and they promoted side-laying which didn't make his head go down (he was sunny side up, and had a long head from the birth).
We took him to a chiropractor who suggested we massage his neck and more tummy time.
My son is going to start physical therapy soon, and his pediatrician doesn't seem too concerned with the ability to hold his head, but more concerned in bringing his head shape down. She mentioned that if its not down by 6 months, then we can get him a helmet.
Is there anything more I can do for his ability to hold his head up?


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try to ask a bone and joint doctor im sure there is smthng wth the muscles or his back bone, guud luck! :)

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