5 month old sleep problems. Did you rock your baby to sleep?

Karissa - posted on 02/01/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello. So my baby wont sleep unless he is rocked to sleep which is fine for now but i am nervous that he will have to be rocked to sleep until he is 3 years old. He also co-sleeps part of the night which i have the same worries about. I dont really know how to sleep train there is way to many ways and i DO NOT believe in CIO. Can i get advice on what to do? Also parents who rocked and co-slept there babies can you tell me how long it took them to sleep through the night and put themselves to sleep?


Dove - posted on 02/01/2013




At 5 months.... I nursed all my babies to sleep every time... and did so until they weaned (a bit over a year for two and 3 years for the youngest). Granted, I do co-sleep with my little one (no other room right now), but we have no other sleep issues and haven't for years.


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Sophia - posted on 02/01/2013




I agree, I too worried about having to rock them to sleep when they get older. I know my niece still gets rocked to sleep and she's 4. She also co-slept and now she's unable to sleep on her own either. So even when she gets rocked, she does fall asleep but wakes up in the middle of the night and walks over to sleep with her parents.

My son never got rocked to sleep. He has slept while I was holding him on my arms. I do a semi co-sleeping. When he wakes up in the morning usually around 5-6:30am, I take him from his crib and let him sleep in my bed. Usually because I am half asleep doing a feed and it's easier for me to turn over and lay him beside me but mostly because I just want to be close to him. He, however is fine sleeping on his own in his crib. He sleeps in his crib during naps as well.

Mine slept right away whether in his crib or in our bed or in my arms, so long as they're full, dry and calm. I have a 7mth old. Try bathing him. And does he have naps during the day?

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