5 month old sore throat

Rachel - posted on 02/06/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My five month old began with a fever of 100.5 (under the arm) and congestion. Took him to the Doc. and the Doc said it looked like bacterial throat infection because swollen lymph nodes and really red throat (did not test for it). So he gave us amoxocillan but after 3 doses my 5 month old broke out in a rash from neck to groin area. I called nurse she said to stop meds maybe allergic reation. But today my little one looks fine he still has congestion and red throat but no fever. Rash does look darker though, So I am beginning to think he has a viral infection. Not sure what to do since nearest hospital is more than an hour away and his Doc is out of town for a week. Should I just watch him!!


Katherine - posted on 02/06/2012




My daughter broke out in a rash too. She was not on anything. They said it was a viral infection. Went and got a second opinion then they said 5th's disease. I would say it's from the amoxicillin still. If he has breathing problems call 911 right away! It could be a severe allergic reaction. My daughter had the rash in the same spot. Try an antihistamine if they have it for 5 month olds. Call your doctor and see if you can give him one. It cleared up my daughters rash.

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