5 month sleep....need advice!,

M - posted on 11/21/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I need some advice about how to get my five and a half month old to sleep better!

From the time she was about two months, I could lay her down wide awake at about 7 pm, she would wake only to feed/changed at around 11, then 2 or 3, for 30 min, and back to sleep no problem. She would nap for about 2 hours in her swing in the morning, then a couple moe one hour naps.

Then once she turned 4 months, she started only having 30 min naps. This went on for about a week, and she then started waking every hour or so at night. At first, I thought maybe a growth spurt, or teething, but 5 weeks later, it still is going on.

Now whenever I try to take her for a nap or bed, she cries!

I am finding this stage even harder than the newborn stage! Nobody is getting much sleep, and I know my baby is exhausted!

Thoughts or advice?? Thanks

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