5 Week old sleep question?

Sophie - posted on 10/15/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 5 week old son sleeps well, goes to bed around 10-11ish after his bath and milk, then wakes up between 2.30-4 for a feed which is fine then back to sleep, but for some reason he always wakes up an hour or so later grunting and generally wiggling around as if he has lots of wind, no matter how many burps/trumps we release at his night feed! Any ideas? He does have trouble bringing his wind up so we give him Infacol and sometimes gripe water if he needs it, and have just started on Colief. When he wakes up i wind him, rub his tummy and sometimes give gripe water if he looks really troubled. Is it that he's had enough sleep and wants to get up? It doesnt matter if we put him to bed earlier or later, he always wakes up around the same time with the same routine! xx

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