5 week old wakes up every 20-30 minutes during the day

Teresa - posted on 09/29/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 5 week old daughter is a great sleeper at night (wakes up about 2 times), but from around noon until 6:00 pm or later, she wakes up every 15-25 minutes crying/whining. She does this even though she is clearly exhausted and just needs to sleep. When she wakes up, we literally have to spend an upwards of 30-40 minutes to lull her back to sleep. Once we put her down, her eyes pop open and she starts up all over again. It is really starting to take a toll on us, and we do not know what else to do. If any other moms have experienced this and have advice, then please let me know... thank you!


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Excellent advice from Sarah H!

Mine was 19 years ago, and he was a nightmare! He hated to be held, swaddling was not an option, none of the "normal" soothing methods worked. I had said (with the great wisdom of a know it all 19 year old) that I would never put my kid in the car and drive until he fell asleep, but lo and behold, 8 years later, there I was, strapping the extremely over tired baby into his seat and doing a few laps around the country mile. ( For those of you who haven't heard that phrase, it is a 4 mile block. In the rural areas where I grew up, we had a road every mile, both directions). I actually apologized to the cousin that I had told "I'll never do that"....

It does pass, though!


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Sarah - posted on 09/30/2016




Sarah H gave great advice. Keep in mind that this is very typical for a baby this age to have what I call the "witching hours". 3-6 hours of restlessness and fussiness. I had one who did this every single evening from 3-8pm. It is exhausting, but it does not last. In just a few weeks, it will start to settle. Are you nursing? You could offer her to nurse and let her fall asleep and then you nap with her laying on your chest?

Sarah - posted on 09/30/2016




A couple things you could try. If you are not already doing so you can try swaddling her. You could also try a cradle swing....the motion might help and the cradle part might help her feel snug. Another thing you could try is babywearing. At 5 weeks she is still used to being snuggled in a nice warm place. Babywearing creates something similar. Get a good wrap or carrier (moby, ergobaby...are just a couple of examples). Wearing her creates a womb like affect......she is warm, snuggled, and can hear your heartbeat.....plus the motion of walk can put her to sleep. As she grows she will transition out of needing the carrier so much, but could be a useful survival tool right now. This also allows you to have two hands free to be able to get a few things done or make a meal. There are many youtube videos of how to for baby wearing both in wraps and in buckle carriers. Also check on facebook many times there is a local babywearing group that meets or has members that can help or even has a lending library of carriers that you can check out and try.

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