5 week old worries only drinking an ounce of formula

Elizabeth - posted on 12/24/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello looking for some help and advice.

Basically my 5 week old girl was feeding every 3-4 hours about 3-5oz each time (aptamil formula) then all of a sudden she developed a cold which was fine she was just bit snotty, a week later she has got sore throat cough and very phlegmy which has resulted in her dropping her feeds to 1/2 oz-1oz every 4-6 hours, she is really not interested in it and sometimes she screams in pain after, pulling her knees up at same time. I took her docs and she rckons she has reflux (she is sick but normal newborn spit up ). She is very fussy and gassy and won't really settle unless on our chest even at night!!! she prescribed her gaviscon which I don't get why as it is just a thickner to help keep milk down which isn't the problem my lo is having. And it never worked on my eldest daughter!i can deal with the reflux and can settle her my main worry is her feeding only half an ounce to an ounce at a time, she really isn't interested should I be worried? She having max of 12 ounces a day for past 3 days!! She is a big baby weighing nearly 12lbs! Was born at 9lb 8oz! So her eating is bad now. Please help. X


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babies go through stages where they will eat less. I had a big girl too and she would eat irregular at times. from what I can find online its a little less the normal that she is eating but nothing horrible. She is still eating even though she isn't feeling well so that is good. If she isn't feeling well then she won't eat as much. Snotty and cough sounds like she has a cold. Just keep offering and if it lasts a week see if you can take her to a different doctor.

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