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I’m here today because I want to share with you guys a concern that I have with my 5 year old daughter. She will be 6 in January and I have a feeling that she has a comprehension problem. It seems I can’t have a conversation with her about certain things because she doesn’t seem to be able to understand the questions that I ask her, for example I will ask her “What did you do in school today?” and she will respond with “ummmm Tuesday?” Then I will say that’s not what mommy asked you, I asked what did you do in school today and she will again pause and respond with something random like “school today?” So it’s very frustrating trying to get certain things out of her and it really bothers me because if something happens to her in school that upsets her she is unable to explain to me what’s wrong. It’s like she doesn’t understand what I’m asking her or she is having problems finding the words, but I sincerely believe that she just doesn’t understand what I’m asking her. Any suggestions on how I can help her understand me so that we can have a conversation?


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based on what you have said in your post I am going to suggest talking to her teacher, they have ways of assessing these things and helping your daughter to learn what it is she needs to be able communicate. Utilize he school as tool to help you determine first if there is a problem and second to help develop a plan of action to help your daughter.

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