5 Year Old Girl With A Mouth That Wont Quit! HELP

Stefanie - posted on 06/04/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a daughter that is 6, she is very well behaved. She knows when to stop talking amd when her actions and words are appropriate. My boyfriends daughter is 5 and I feellike she is going to be the make or break in this relationship. My boyfriend prefers to keep the parenting seperate... well pretty much everything with the kids seperate (toys, food, ect). His daughter is the loudest child I have ever met and her mouth never stops. If she isn't talking to a person she is talking to herself, even on the toilet she's talking away. If its not words its sounds with her mouth over and over and over. She is bossy. She must always be first, she must always be the winner, the most beautiful, the smartest and will argue my daughter to tears if she says otherwise. I get one day a week to sleep in. My daughter is respectful of this and if she wakes up early she will turn on the tv for a bit and grab some cereal, keeping noise to a minimum. (Sleeping in is 9am for me, my daughter gets up around 8). His daughter will belt songs at the top of her lungs, blast the tv and video games, throw balls at the wall, come in amd demand her fathers attention when she wakes up early, it doesn't matter if the sun hasn't even come up yet. I find this highly disrespectful and rude. We have a baby on the way. There is no way I can raise a newborn around her. The boyfriend is very loving to both of us but he only yells at her. She rolls her eyes at me when I ask her to do something. What do I do? Someone please help!

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