5 year old has a migraine!

Amber - posted on 01/30/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




My 5 year old daughter has a SEVERE migraine. Outside of giving her medicine which i DO NOT want to do if i don't have to. Any suggestions?


Debbie - posted on 05/25/2012




I feel your pain, there is no more helpless a feeling than watching your little one suffer and not knowing how to make it go away. My 5 year old son has had migraines now for the last year or so. Our Pediatrician has seen him about the migraines and told us that although it isn't very common, some young children to get them. He said that the only things we can do at this point since he is so young is to give him Tylenol (which he either is too nauseated to take or he throws up). He also said to have him lay down in a dark, cool room.

I wanted to arrange for a Ct scan but the Pediatrician said this would only be necessary if the migraines increased in severity and/or frequency.

He encouraged us to pay attention to things that might be triggers. Watch for sugary foods, foods with preservatives etc..

From one Mom to another, good luck. I hope she feels better..

Sharon - posted on 01/30/2010




Call her doctor!

1. Its a bit young for chronic migraines but it happens. After talking with your doctor, give her the recommended medicine and get her to drink something.

Dehydration is number one culprit for migraines in kids. They get so busy having fun, they forget to refuel. We keep gatorade and liquid tylenol on hand at all times for my daughter and since we started following the dehydration protocols, she hasn't had another migraine. At the first mention of a headache - she gets a half dose of tylenol and 8ounces of gatorade.

I try to make her rest, play quietly or watch a movie for at least 1/2 an hour.

Are you nuts?

My daughter has had migraines. Screaming, puking, semi unconcious from the pain migraines.

I'm against unnecessary medication myself but good god. You'd let your daughter stay that way just because you don't want to give her meds?

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Sharon - posted on 01/30/2010




i'm curious?

How do you know this is a real migraine? Not knocking your skills or anything but on this forum - I've seen some weird conditions with some weird lables - most of them bunk.

Lori-Ann - posted on 01/30/2010




My youngest had migraines from the time she was 4. We watched what she ate and we would lay her down in a dark room with a cold pack on her neck and took her to a peadiatrician who said it was food related....she eventually out gre them. The peppermint oil does work as well............

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Give her the meds already -- good god, why put your daughter through that? Migraines are no joke. Call your pharmacy and ask them if you can give her an Advil Liquigel. They're usually only recommended for ages 12 and up, so you'll want to check with the pharmacist before giving one to a 5-year-old. The pharmacist might say no (in which case ask them what you can give her), but if you CAN give her one, it's the best thing for knocking out migraines once they've already started. For a migraine that's already in progress, Tylenol is useless, in my experience.

Other than that, keep the room dark and quiet, and if you've got a Magic Bag or other flexible cold pack, give her one for over her eyes and another for the back of her neck.

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Get her eye sight checked. I started wearing glasses at 9, but I used to get really bad headaches from the eye strain. I still get them when my eyes get tired and I'm due for a new prescription.
My nephew used to get major migraines and he had all sorts of hospital tests. Found out he is allergic to caffeine and chocolate. He is not allowed to touch the stuff now and he is migraine free.

Sharon - posted on 01/30/2010




I wanted to point out that we don't expect Tylenol to get rid of a migraine.

We use it to get her to relax when its possible she's going to develop one.

In the past, only time got her migraines to go away. We have a pill our ped prescribed if she gets another full blown migraine.

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Tylenol will not help a migraine, if it's really a migraine. Migraines have a lot of causes. You should call her doctor and see what they can find because it's a symptom of something else, not an independent condition. Migraine medication often works because it has caffeine in it (addictive and causes migraines when not taken regularly), or blood thinners like aspirin (some migraines are caused by mini clots in the brain). Some are caused by dietary intolerances. Some by flat out allergies. They don't just appear for no reason.

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I am a big supporter of medicine when they help, I couldn't imagine when my migraines hit me (believe me I've had some for days, throwing up, you feel like s%$t!!) not having any medicines to take!! I would rather be dead, seriously they get that bad. So give her Tylenol and like Sharon said rehydrate her and make her rest, and also get her to the doctor!!!!!

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I don't really have suggestions, I just wanted to let you know that I had a migraine when I was a child. I had to throw up, couldn't go to school...

I remember I had to rest in a dark room, couldn't read or watch TV just listen to music or somebody reading to me. My mom would put some kind of oil (peppermint?) on my temples and my neck and I took medicine.

It stopped when I reached puberty with about 13 and I haven't had it since.

I hope you'll find a way to help her.

wishing you the best

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