5 year old in car alone for 5 mins

Amanda - posted on 01/13/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Today started out like a regular day up early for the 9am service at church, and the to eat at our usual place. I have 2 children ages 7 boy and 5 girl. I have to admit I have some great kids, but this day Kinley my 5 year old was having a bad day! She was terribly mean and embarrasing throwing food, kicking me yelling ect. So our normal punishment is time out, because I dont believe in spanking them it instills violence in my opinion. Long story short when I was little I remember my dad (who was an amazing man) would make me sit in the car! If you don't know how to act in a public place then you sit in the car. So after many opportunities to behave I finally took her outside. I talked to her and planned on taking her back inside when she told me she wanted to stay in the car so I rolled down the windows on a 65 degree morning and locked the door and went back inside to finish my breakfeast. I could see her from where I was sitting, and then no more than 5 mins later my husband went to sit in the car with her while my son and I finished eating. The people who were eating beside me called the police and the cussed me out and spit eggs on me....I know shocking I had no clue what was going on. In hind site I will never do that again, but now for the first time in my life I'm in trouble with CPS and the police. I don't know whats going to happen???? Anyone with any advice on what I can do to rectify the situation I would appreciate it. I try to be a good mom, but I made a huge mistake. Could they take both my kids away for endangerment??


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Mary - posted on 01/13/2013




Find out specifically what the laws are in your state, and get a lawyer ASAP.

Ariana - posted on 01/13/2013




I would explain to them the situation, that's all you can do. Tell them you will never do it again and that you thought since you could see her from the restaurant that you had thought it was alright but you now realize how it could be dangerous.

They probably won't take your children away but they do have to investigate. It also depends on where you live, in some places it has become illegal to leave your child in the car by themselves AT ALL and in others it's more lenient (were they endangered, age etc.). Get a lawyer and try to work with CPS as much as possible to show them you really are a caring parent and this was just a terrible mistake on your part (even if you don't really think it was that bad.)

I don't think what you did was awful, but I would never leave my child in the car basically for the reason you're in trouble. I'd be more worried about someone calling CPS than I would about someone snatching the child or car...

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