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Ok mom's I'm new to this site and I have a question. My son with in the last few months has had some issues with behavior. He had a problem with peeing the bed so we tried some at home things like nothing to drink after a certain time to I would get him up in the middle of the night. When all of this didn't help we seen a doctor he was put on medicine to see if it would help it did for a few months then it got to where he would wake up in the morning and just lay in bed and pee on his self. He has tried to pee in the corner of his bedroom or in the floor just to do it. Along with this he has started being very hateful and disrespectful if he gets in trouble he has started throwing him self in the floor,kicking,spitting you name it he's done it. We've done timeouts the corner spankings we have even sat down and tried to talk about why he's acting this way and he has started talking like a baby and when you ask him to talk like a big boy he will ignore you and just sit there like he doesn't hear you. Would really love some advice from other moms before consulting with a child psychiatrist!


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Wetting the bed at 5 years old is still considered normal by MANY pediatricians, so I wouldn't even worry about that part. If he pees in another part of his room... have him clean it up.

If he's throwing himself on the floor in a fit... walk away from him and ignore it until he is ready to calm down. He can not kick or spit at anyone if there is no one near him to do it to. The less attention you give the fit... the sooner it will stop. That is assuming he is not struggling w/ some sort of depression or anxiety, at least. If that is the case.... he may need some time alone to 'freak out', but then he may welcome someone sitting w/ him and holding him to help him calm down.

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