5 year old said he's ugly

Johnny - posted on 10/17/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Last night my 5 year old told me and my wife he was ugly and no one wants to play with him. We asked some questions and he says that when he is at school a skeleton ghost who can be very big or very small tells him that he is ugly and no one wants to play with him. He was very upset when he told us that he was ugly, but not really that upset or scared when he was telling us about the skeleton ghost. He says that he doesn't see the ghost, it is in his head. I asked if this was his imagination or if he was pretending and he very adamantly says he is not. He also says that the skeleton ghost tells other kids to not play with him but they can't hear him only my son can. He also said that the skeleton ghost has ghost hands and that the skeleton ghost reaches into the his brain computer ( he says his brain computer is different than his brain) and pushes a button that makes an unpleasant sound, MER MER MER, and he doesn't like it. I know this sounds crazy but he is 5 and has a normal active imagination. If it's just his imagination I don't know why it would be telling him negative things about himself. If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it.


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Here's an idea...if he's on that tangent of his 'brain computer'...ask him if he's changed his brainbox batteries lately, because not doing so can make the skeleton ghost appear. Explain that the skeleton ghost should stay away if he keeps his batteries fresh.

Then, 'open' his head and have him put in new 'anti-skeleton' batteries...and tell him that the new batteries can only be positive, so if he's hearing that darn skeleton again, it's time to change batteries.

I know...it sounds extremely strange. But, my son, at the same age, when he was in that mood would tell me that his batteries were bad, so I'd 'change' them. He didn't have a problem with ghosts in his head, or bad ideas making him be bad after he changed his batteries. Yes, we sometimes had to change batteries a couple times a day, but...

It is a good way of physically getting them to work out what's bothering them, and giving them a method of 'throwing it away' when it's 'no good'.

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