5 year old sexually abused by father but no proof to convict


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Alexis - posted on 11/07/2017




My son is four and "came out" about his father almost two months ago. It has been tough and the battle is long and hard. Just remember you are your child's voice. When my son went in for his initial assessment the investigator after hearing my child say what his father was doing to him said "we just cant see the sexuality in it" I was mortified! He's FOUR he doesnt know what sex is and you want him to explain how his dad was getting off to it? Anyway, he had a medical and is scheduled with an "extended assessment" Six weeks of visits to allow him to build trust and disclose further details. You have to build a case and it takes time...at least thats what they keep telling me. Whats most important is that you keep your child safe and give him/her reassurance that they are perfectly normal and not at fault for anything that has happened.

Sarah - posted on 12/22/2015




A 5 yo has only to disclose one time, and then it has to be unsubstantiated. Since the mother called the police and wen to the hospital then CPS must be involved. Whether he is criminally prosecuted or not is irrelevant when it comes to visitation. If CPS believed the child, he would not be given unsupervised visitation as they can enforce a safety plan without legal proceedings. Who supervised the visit? If he coached her at the visit, that would have been heard. Children disclose and recant often and they don't always form accurate memories of the abuse.

Jodi - posted on 12/22/2015




There is nowhere that you say the child is seeing a qualified child psychologist. If there HAS been abuse, why is this not happening? And if it is, then the psychologist would also be a mandatory reporter, so if the little girl is continuing to disclose abuse, this would be reported too.

Lucinda - posted on 12/22/2015




I am actually doing the research for my friend. He is a recovering sex addict and that is the reason they divorced. Her little girl told her about it 4 months ago. She filed police report, took her to Children's Hospital for intake, hired attorney, has a guardian. The case was sent to prosecutor's office and the prosecutor said she believes the abuse happened but there isn't enough "evidence" to support the case. During this time the little girl retracted what she said after seeing her father for a supervised visit. The mom is sickened as she feels like she has failed protecting her daughter. We are so grief stricken that we are searching for help in every way. The daughter has now shared that the sexual abuse did happen. The father wants to take the daughter to Florida for 8 days for Christmas and the mom can't do a thing. THe guardian ad liten was full force against the dad until the little girl said nothing happened. We just don't know what to do.

Michelle - posted on 12/22/2015




How do you know?
If you suspect at all you need to take the child to the doctor, they are mandatory reporters and will also do tests to find out. If you are serious about helping the child then make sure her Father doesn't have contact with any children and get to the doctor ASAP.
There is always evidence of abuse.

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