5 YO daughter is having behavior issues


Lisa - posted on 09/19/2012




Hi I am new to the site and need some help.

My daughter just started Kindergarten and never went to pre school. She is having trouble behaving at school and is down right Violent at home.

At school she is throwing her food at lunch and squirting her juice every where, she got in trouble last week for hiting. She wont come in from recess when she is told they have to go get her and bring her in and she hits the ladies that are trying to get her to come inside. I am at a loss of what to do. I am working with her teacher and following her advice but it dose not seem to be making a diffrence. The lunch time stuff has become so bad that I have been asked to come have lunch with her now to "teach her how to eat in the lunch room". This is hard for me because this means I have to bring my 2yo with me.

At home if I ask her to do something she screams and has total meltdowns. If i pickher up to put her in time out(because she won't go willingly)she scratches, bites, punches and kicks me. She acts like she's the adult and when I tell her that she's not she tells me how much she hates me and how shes incharge. Of course I know just that is because shes angry so I let it go. I have tried giving her choices and she just ignores me.

Her dad and I hve been seperated scence shortly after my 2yo was born and they go see him every other weekend. He plays on his computer while they watch movies. His hous has no routen and he will give them what they want to make them leave him alone. When I talk to him about it he just guilt trips me about leaving him.

I don't know what to.......Sorry this is so long

any advice is welcome.

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