5 yr old twin boy is wetting through his pull up at nap time and at night.

Robin - posted on 03/29/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have 5 yr old twin grandsons and 1 still has to wear a pull up at night and nap time. My daughter has to change toto change his sheets at least 4 times a week cause he pees through them. He will also pee in his pull up just before going to bed when he is watching a movie and have to put a clean one on him.He does have night terriors to. Parents are divorced and they have lived this us for 4 years now while my daughter gets her degree. His dad treats him different cause he is like our side of the family. I personally think it is emotional but just wanted to throw this out there and see if someone might have some answers. Thank you in advance for your input.


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Jodi - posted on 03/29/2014




About 20% of children still wet the bed regularly at the age of 5. So what is happening here is relatively normal. It "could" be emotional, but as I said, it could also be normal. If he has night terrors, he probably is just a really heavy sleeper and struggles to pull himself out of sleep when he needs to. By all means, visit a doctor to rule out any medical cause, but you will probably find he just isn't ready to be dry at night yet.

Also, just don't let him put the pull up on until it is bedtime.

Alexis - posted on 03/29/2014




take him to the doctor, I think he might have a bladder infection and good luck to you and your grandson :)

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