5 yr old with speech problem and a few other problems

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my 5 yr old son has a speech problem.. he also seems to have a hearing problem to but when he was 3 we had his hearing tested and the dr. said his hearing was fine. he also seems to have a issue with tryin to comprehend what we r saying to him..we also notice that every since he was a baby he has like puffy eyes. his doc told me that is was more than likely allergies, but I feel as if its something else..he also has some behavior problems he has been put on adhd meds but I took him off of them cause all he wants to do is cry, he also has a problem with sleeping and they put him on meds for that too...he also stll drinks out of a sippy cup and yes I know I'm the parent and should take it and we have done so but he throws major fits...he finally gave up his binky at the age of 4..please don't judge me or be mean I'm just looking for some advice as to maybe I should get him check for any certain medical problems...


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I see it this way, not all children are the same and are going to mature and speak at the same age. Your son, may just be having problems with speach. I don't mean there is a proble with him. My one son talked a little funny and my parents couldn't understand him. I would say what he is saying, but now he is going on 13 and talks fine. Not all children automatically talks wisely or learns a whole bunch of words as doctors expect. The meds that he has been on...maybe you want to check the symptoms on them...for it could be your cause as well. Some meds will cause problems that you don't know nothing about and then some doctors wants to give you another med to cover up that symptom.
If you think that he has another problem, look up the symptom solver online. Maybe that will help. But, I don't think just because a child has speach problems means that there is something wrong with them. Mine took awhile to speak and some talked a little funny. But, they grew out of it. Not all are the same as I spoke earlier. That is what makes all children unique.

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