50/50 sharing of a 16 month in oct

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The father and I went into meditation because he decided to serve me papers because of the schedule I allowed him to see our then 5 month old daughter. I was on medicine at the time the first mediation took place and agreed to basically everything but now the 50/50 is coming up and my daughter is showing signs of not wanting to go over there . Every time I have to take her there she cries the whole ride and when I pass her over to daddy she immeditatley wants to come back to my arms but when daddy brings her back she smiles and immediately opens her arms to get away from daddy. She's come back with bruises but he brushes it off as her learning how to walk and he even sat are daughter next to the pool while feeding her and she fell in but he says he caught her before she could samurge under water. I'm concerned about my daughters mental state and I'm lost and don't know what to do . But from experience who thinks 50/50 time sharing will work ??


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Generally speaking 50/50 is in the best interest of the child. Her crying about going to him and happy to be back with you is completely normal.... especially at her age. If you are concerned about the possibility of neglect/abuse.... start documenting every little 'off' thing that may become useful in the future if there is serious reason to be concerned for her well being.

If mediation worked out well for you guys maybe you can use that to bring up any concerns you may have to the father.

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