5mo nurses but won't stay asleep. Sleeps 9-12hrs after Rocking+Crying for HRS. Help!!

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My LO is solely breastfed. She does great sleeping through the night... but NOT Getting There. She fights sleep. Night time routine includes: bath w/nighttime "relaxing" soap, 2 books, and soft music as I rock and nurse her during the night time feeding. She does good with the bath, and enjoys the books. None of it hypes her up. She is relaxed with this routine.

HELP Please. I am exhausted. It is only my husband and I. Our LO is our first. My husband works 12-15hr shifts at a hospital so he can't help me :(

I nurse her after reading her books.... Usually she is slightly awake, so I take her off the booby to rock her to sleep after every feeding to help her understand she can't have the booby to sleep. Normally I lay her down when she is limp, but now she wakes up crying. Then I rock her to sleep for about an hour or two (as she cries and whimpers to sleep - protesting). She wakes up crying again EVERY hour after I lay her down... I feed her again and lay her down. She ends up being out COLD on the booby with these feedings, and this happens about 3-4 times every night til about 1 or 2 in the morning. Theeeeeeen she sleeps for 9-11 hours.

She takes two naps every day. One around 11am (1.5hr nap) and the other around 3pm (45 min nap).

PS. She can't keep a pacifier in to save her life. I'm sure this is due to being solely BF :(

Suggestions? I don't really want to do the Cry It Out (CIO) method.


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My son was the same way. He is now two years old and still fights his sleep....sometimes things go well and sometimes he puts up a good fight. I believe this is because I did not take better control when he was a baby.

My son was solely breastfed for a year and half. I struggled with sleep the whole time. It wasn't until then that I resorted to the CIO method. I too hated it but, it's the only way I got him to sleep through the night. It's hard but I promise you, you will be thankful for doing it. My suggestion, do it now while he's still young. By the time I tried it because I tried EVERYTHING else and that was my last option, my son was 1 1/2 and was able to climb out of the crib. It was terrible but I did it.

I regret not doing it when he was that young, 5 mos. So do the cry it out and you wont regret it. I started with 15 minute intervals. I would let him cry, go back in lay him down and pat him for a bit and tell him its ok. By the 5th night, my son was sleeping through the night on his own. Don't get me wrong, those first 4 days were a nightmare. He cried for as long as 3 hours. But Im glad I did it or else I would still be rocking a big toddler in my arms to sleep. It's important for them to understand how to comfort themselves...this will help in the long run. Not just with sleep but with tantrums too. I am now dealing with tantrums at two and I am really struggling with it. I believe a lot of it has to do because I catered to him too much as a baby. I never let him cry and I regret it because now I have a two year old who refuses to give in and clings to me all day.


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No advice but wanted you to know our little boy is 3 months and is the same exact way...it drives me nuts!! He also fights sleep during the day too and will barely nap unless being held or in the car driving around. You aren't alone!! I am trying to wait until at least 4mo then will probably resort to trying CIO. I hate to do it but I can't ever get anything done at home or spend time with my husband :(

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