6 1/2 month sleep/naps/awaketime help!!!!! im desperate

Joanna - posted on 10/10/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




my 6 1/2 month old son suffers from short naps sometimes 30mins -40mins sometimes he wakes happy dometimes crying.

it took me ages to get him into a routine and at 5 1/2months it worked for a week!

it was roughly this
wake 6am (i woke him most of time)
feed 6.15
nap 1 7.30 -8.45
feed 10
nap 2 10.45-12.00
feed 1400
nap 3 1500/15.15- 15.40-1600
asleep 18.45/7.00
till 5.45/6.15am

however as i was waking him i decided to let him wake himself but him morning naps got shorter and he was waking earlier.
so decided to try and extend waketine in morning he was nearly 6months now this didnt work but he was dtill putting in 1 1/2- 2 hrs at lunch (total naps bour 3hrs a day)
at 6months he did this
woke 6.37
feed 7
nap 1 8.37-10.00
feed 11
solids 11.30
nap 2 12.10-13.45
feed 1500
nap 3 16.25-16.55
asleep 7
awake nxt day 6.30

after 2ling naps he refused a pm nap for 3days and was a mess.short naps wakung in night i
started space soothing him bac to sleep after early nap wake ups this seems to happen for every nap now sometimes it works others not. he wakes happy from first nap (try and put him down after 2hrs) but he plays before for 15mins sometimes he gets overtired then starts crying or goes to sleep eventually but only for 30mins and is overtired crying by nap 2 arghh! he now wakes random times in the night (3.30-4.30an 2.30'3.30am)and just plays i leave him but he wakes up more and more

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