6 different Due Dates and already in labor?!?!?!

BRANDI JO - posted on 07/04/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




when i went to the dr clinic (which has 5 different dr total) i had a pelvic exam done to conform i still felts pregnant and how far along i could be. i'm not an ob so i have no clue how the dr does that but he has been my personal dr for 5 years. dr R conclusion was that based on my LMP and the way my cervix felt or whatever my due date as of then was July 4.

after the 1st (2 weeks later) ultrasound based on measurements and what not i guess the tech and another dr, dr J decided my due date was then Aug 1st. now this is my 4th kid so pardon me if i believe that is completely stupid to have almost 4 weeks different.

after my 2nd (in feb) ultrasound based on measurements and what not they decided my due date was July 25. however because i have to have a c section they kept the Aug 1st due date in the computer system but schedule my c section for july 25.

so in may i start to go into pre term labor, nothing surprising I did this with my last 2 kids. they ended up doing an ultrasound (in hospital) based solely on her weight my due date would be July 13 time frame. and test at the dr office declared i also had gestational diabetes...

on June 25 I went into hospital having full on contractions and labor, but at the visit before it one of the drs in the clinic dr L measurement of my stomach put me at 37 weeks on this date now putting my due date at July 9th. Dr L then preped me for a c section with the hospital system still saying i was due July 4. when she went thru her TABLET for my chart (cuz nothing is done on paper any more) she noticed that they had my due date at Aug 1st. instead of doing a c section she decided to keep me over night and pump me full of stop labor drugs. and sent me home still contracting and in labor. even tho i had already lost my mucus plug and had the bloody show (but more then normal blood) which is why i came in with this labor and bleeding.

here i am 2 weeks later back in the hospital for my contractions and labor NEVER stopping. i became very sick due to this i'm having sever abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea with mucus and blood. vomiting, sever dehydration, bleeding as if my cervix is trying to hurry and stretch and dilate. a whole lot of mess. but they give me 3 IV fluids checked my cervix which was only 2 cm dilated. as i had to keep reminding them I do not dilate hints for the c sections. my contractions are still 2 mins apart and the worst ones i have ever had. and again instead of doing an ultrasound to see what my actual due date is... they send me home and tell me to wait a few more days.

I might not have a dr degree so correct me if i'm wrong but at this point wouldn't you want to find out if the first and actual due date was correct or near closer to be in the "full term" range and fix the issues. I have no idea what my actual due date is just that they keep trying to make me NOT deliver regardless of all the other measurements and signs. my husband is so angry he wants to sue the drs and hospital because something could be very wrong.

also one dr tells me if haven't felt 20 movements in a hr to be concerned, then another says 10 movements in an hr, then my today discharge paper says 6 movements in a hr. well i keep telling them i don't feel her, because i don't unless i contract. tho when they put her on the monitors her heartbeat is down to 130ish but they say should sounds good. and when i contract it goes up to 160 where it suppose to be. i pray nothing is wrong with my baby. i wont be able to have any more kids after this and my biggest fear is that she will be born still birth based on the ignorance.

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