6 month feeding and sleeping schedule - please help!

Kellie - posted on 07/10/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have started my 23 week daughter on solids for 3 weeks now and she is LOVING it! Eating rice cereal in the morning and afternoon and veggies at lunch which I puree and make for her. She eats about 2 teaspoons worth of cereal (which I mix with her formula milk to make a running paste) and her veggie portion she has two freezer pods worth (about the same size as a small Purity jar) but I feel she is still hungry and I also want to start introducing her to fruit. What does your little one eat and how much and how often? Looking for a really nice schedule to follow for her - or at least have a basic idea to start from - please help.


Ev - posted on 07/11/2014




Actually, at this age even, doing a schedule is not going to work. You have to go by the signs that she gives you like Augusta said. Also trying to get an infant into a specific schedule does not work as she will change all her sleep and eat patterns until she is about a year old or so. Do not try to give her a specific schedule. You can do one based on how she is eating and sleeping at the moment but remember at this age, babies are growing and developing at a fast rate and so a specific routine is not going to work.

Agusta - posted on 07/10/2014




You really can't go based on someone elses schedule. You have to play around and see what works for your little one. Your schedule, how your little one sleeps, and eats plays a role in all this.


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