6 month old Son.

Charlene - posted on 11/25/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




So, my Son is just coming up to 6 months. He's rolling, saying 'Dad', feeding himself, can find and pick up toys as well as knows exactly how to get peoples attention.

My question is, how can I encourage him to learn to start sitting on his own? Bath time is ridiculous, he doesn't fit in the small one anymore, and the normal bath is too big. He has to lay down in the big bath and he freaks out every time the water moves.

Unfortunately for us, he's quite smart for a baby, and he's more than capable of doing more than we know, but he chooses not to because that way he gets attention. He's definitely a baby who needs constant cuddles.

I tried the 'tri-pod' sit with him a few times, but he's quite a chubby baby so his belly squishes everything and he ends up hurting himself. He can sit for about 5 seconds on his own before tumbling over. We put his bottle on the floor in front of him and sat him up to try and get him to balance enough to get his bottle, but instead he just cried. Even with crawling, he knows to tuck his knees in, and he can wriggle himself backwards, but I put his bottle a fingertip away from him to get him to wriggle forward and grab it, but instead he just looks at it and cries. If we put him on his back on his play mat with his bottle next to him, he'll roll and grab it, then roll back and drink it.

So as you can probably tell, it's a never ending struggle with a baby who's too smart for his own good. It's driving me bonkers, because he KNOWS how to do it, but refuses to even try.

Any suggestions?

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