6 months old crawling??

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my son is almost 6 months old and i was looking online for "24 week development" hes trying to sit up on his own but not successful yet. i was reading that so many moms have babies at 6 months crawling! or trying to crawl!! my son is not even interested in that yet. is that normal?? he is almost 19 pounds and will stand holding my two fingers on his own. i might just be paranoid because he was a month premature but i was just wondering if other moms were experiencing a 6 month old not crawling.


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Perfectly normal. Many babies skip crawling all together and just start walking, others crawl early, but don't walk until they are nearly two years old. Most babies will crawl sometime between 6 and 9 months and walk sometime around a year old, but the time can vary a lot, so you are still well within normal.

Gross motor skills (like sitting up, crawling, etc.) rely heavily on muscle development--overly big or overly small babies will generally learn those skills later. Fine motor skills (like the pincer grasp, or getting food into his mouth) rely mostly on coordination. Generally, babies can only focus on one or the other (generally, not always), so those who do not have the muscle tone to work on gross motor skills will generally develop fine motor skills earlier on, and gross motor skills later, while vise versa is true for those who develop gross motor skills first--they will get the fine motor skills on the later end of normal.

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