6 week old baby vomiting

Natali - posted on 07/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter is 6 weeks old and just 7 days ago she started throwing up before and after breastfeeding her and sometimes while she is asleep. She gags and gets nausea and gets really fussy throughout the day. She has had less poopy diapers and hardly any wet diapers but with small amounts of smears of blood. She also cries alot and is gassy along with stomach noises. I took her to the Doctor and he didnt do much besides check her stomach with the stethoscope and tell me to take her to the emergency room for further analysis. She doesnt have a fever which is good thing. So i did take her to the emergency room and again they weighed her, chevked her temperature and told me that she doesnt look dehydrated and that there is nothing wrong with her and that there is no need for a stomach ultrasound. It makes me very upset that they don't want to do an ultrasound just to make sure everything is okay. Meanwhile im back at home dealing with the nonstop vomiting and fussiness. Please i need help and advice on what i should do next


Bethany - posted on 07/12/2013




I would go back to your doctor and demand he refers you to the hospital for further tests or ultrasound make sure he realises how worried you are and don't take no for an answer, she's your daughter and your the best judge on knowing if she is not right as you spend the most time with her, good luck hope she gets sorted, keep us updated on how she gets on :)

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