6 weeks pregnant and always angry,

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Hi I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I would like to know if anyone else at this stay was always angry. Eg my partner does the slitest little thing wrong I just lose it and say all nasty this I go away for 5/10 mins and feel horrible n sad bcuz I feel like hell hate me because of the thing I said and how I'm always horrible I can't help it though and I hate it so I'm just wondering if anyone else gets this and/ or is it just a pregnancy thing?? Thank you :)


Maddie-May - posted on 11/23/2013




I am one of the most placid and content people you would ever meet. When I was 12 weeks pregnant, my partner and I decided to have a garage sale, he had a old fairy floss machine and told me he was sitting it on the far left table, I told him I wanted it to the right and he said "if I put it here though, people will see it as soon as they walk in and we'll sell it quickly". I shoved him into a wall and called him an freaking idiot!!!!
When your pregnant and especially in the first trimester, your body is rapidly changing. Hormones are raging left, right and centre and your emotions are being fed by this. Some women feel overwhelmed, some cry alot and some people fly off the handle at the slightest imposition. In saying that, your partner may not be pregnant but is still definitely flying high on emotions as well. Try to keep reminding yourself that its not the real you that is getting frustrated so easily so cut yourself some slack. Maybe do a little research with your partner on the side effects of pregnancy in this sense so he better understands that your not truly being a nasty person and the next time you feel yourself getting worked up over something trivial, remind yourself that its the pregnancy brain acting up and not the lori brain haha. good luck :)

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