6 year old boy with ADHD

Sabrina - posted on 09/24/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




1st, I have to start with I saw this coming for many years. I used to chock it up to, 'He's all boy', however, he is now in 1st grade and it is starting to effect his social relationships. He is disruptive in school, and angry and frustrated both at school and home. It is the 3rd week of school and his teacher has called 3 times about this. She seems to be very nice, and wants to really help and work with him. This 'issue' was the EXACT same in Kindergarten and pre-school, again even after evaluations, and speaking to his pediatrician, as his mother...I see him as my baby, and though I get frustrated, I love this little boy more than the moon and stars. I feel for him because I also have ADHD. I know most of the time the things I say go in one ear and out the other, simply because his mind moves so fast. I am currently in process of going through MORE assessment forms, and have ANOTHER appointment with his Dr. (who is WONDERFUL), but I am scared. So scared, he is smart, so smart its not funny, if people saw what I saw, they'd know it too, but I know the outcome this time, I know his diagnosis already, and I am so torn, do I do medication? I mean if he had diabetes, would I withhold his insulin? I am in tears, knowing how tough things are going to get for my only child, my little boy. He is so much to handle, but I do it...yet am realizing I may not be doing what is REALLY best for him, as far as his future relationships, learning, working, and just life in general...how do I help my baby? Please any suggestions would be helpful.....I love him so much, and just want the best, I have him in extracurricular activities, to keep him busy, things he likes, but even then, disruption, frustration, anger and inattentiveness will still show their heads......there is NOTHING wrong with him, I STAND by that, but I need help with tools to redirect and help him form at least a like for learning, and an understanding of things that are socially acceptable....I am scared for my baby....medication or no? The side effects are no good, I've read up on all of them, stimulants non stimulants...I just want him to be happy, learn in school, make friends....but I also don't want his personality to change...he is who he is, and that if fine with me....Confused and Scared Mom....help please

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