6 year old cries when I say no, whinges about everything and still wets bed

Emma - posted on 04/19/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 6 year old son is becoming a nightmare, when ever I say no to him the water works start and he won't stop whining and it is doing my head in, so much so I end up giving in. He also wets the bed.


Amber - posted on 04/20/2011




For the whining, I completely agree with Connie and Kathy. Be consistent, do not give in, and remove him from the situation until he stops.

My son is 4 yrs old; if he throws a fit he is put in his room until he is calm enough to talk. Then I talk to him about why it's not okay to throw a fit and how talking to mommy is nicer and mommy can hear him better. Even after he has calmed down, I will not give him whatever it was that he threw a fit about; he loses that item for the rest of the day (whether it be a toy or treat).

As for bed wetting, even at 6 it's within the normal realm of bed wetting. After age 6 is where it isn't considered normal anymore.

Some things that could help you might be to limit his liquids before bedtime. My son doesn't get large drinks within an hour of going to sleep; he can only have small sips of water. Also, making sure that he always uses the bathroom right before crawling into bed can help too.

Connie - posted on 04/20/2011




he is just at the age he is testing you....as hard as it is stand your ground. if he begins to through a fit calmly tell him you can not hear him when he whines...then if you have to go in the other room or send him to his with the understanding that when he calms down he can rejoin you. there is no instant fix, it will require consistancy...maybe you could find a compromise or something he enjoys as a distraction..maybe even reward for acting apporiately but it should be offered during calm and then reminded what he is working for if the water works begin, if you bribe while he is throwing a fit it is as good as giving in. they only continue to use techniques that work for them.
good luck and God bless


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It's pretty tough, isn't it? You just have to stand firm and not give in, no matter how much it does your head in. Otherwise he'll get worse and life will become even more difficult. There's no easy way to do it.

AS for the bed-wetting, maybe it's worth seeing your doctor.

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