6 year old has 101 temp. HELP!?

Rhonda - posted on 03/29/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




I already brought him to the Urgent Care. They didn't prescribe him nothing. He said earlier he wanted blueberries, he ate a couple. He seems " out of it " . I gave him some pain reliever. He drank some juice. I feel the Urgent Care didn't help much, they did give him some children's aspirin. They checked for strep, said they'll call back in two days. They did one that took six mins we had to wait, it was negative. Other than that they said he has a virus. Any ideas?


Cecilia - posted on 03/29/2013




Really the best thing you can do for him is just keep him as comfy as possible. If he says he's hot let him remove some clothing (assuming he's at home at the time) If he's cold let him lay under a blanket. Try to get him to eat or drink what you can. Sleep is the best thing for him.

101 isn't the worst. They can hit that easy. When it gets to 102 is when you start to worry. 103 is when I personally run them to the ER.


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Dove - posted on 03/31/2013




Keep him hydrated and let him rest. Honestly I wouldn't even treat a 101 temp. I'd treat any pain, but not the temp itself. If it's a virus it just has to run it's course and the fever is the body's natural defense at FIGHTING that virus. Keeping the temp under control is good (100-102ish), but wanting to knock it out could make this illness last longer.

My kids all run at 103 when they are 'actually' sick. I don't worry unless it hits 104, but even that isn't dangerous in a typical child. I've actually only been to the ER twice as a parent... and neither trip was illness related. I have had a child hit a 105 temp twice, but w/ meds and a cool washcloth it got down to 103 within a half an hour... so not a big deal.

Lins - posted on 03/31/2013




Remember not to panic about fevers. They are the body's way of fighting infection. There is no cure for viruses, so give your little one lots of fluids, rest, & cuddles. If there are no signs of improvement in a few days, go see another doctor.

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