6 year old son does exactly what was told not to just as i turn my back


Dawn - posted on 07/26/2013




I'm just done with him. Tried everything! The kid won't listen. Just as soon as your not looking he is stealing, or breaking things, just doing whatever he wants to even after told not to right then. He is going to a foster home. Its not fair to the rest of the family to have to constantly be on him and just as soon as your not on him or dishing out punishment he is right back to doing what he wants even if it hurts others and is very dangerous, or just because its a rule and believes he can do what he wants if your not looking. Every single day he is misbehaving. He is very kind and sweet to your face, tells me he promises he won't do what told not to. And you turn around and he is doing it. Said because he wanted to. For everything! HE WANTED TO. Been going to counceling, went to a Dr, changed diet, didn't matter didn't help, he still does what he wants, never asks to do anything just tells my husband and i that he is going over to a friends house to play. When told he needs to ask not just tell us on his way out the door, he just says all sweet like ok., can i go play at...., and that's how he been getting away with THAT issue, there are so many more! It will be best for us all to place him in a home where they can help him thru these issues. Him burning me with the sparkler because he wanted to was the last dangerous act. He has to go.

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