6 year old son doesn't listen and disrupts other kids

Cheri - posted on 08/11/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son just turned 6 and he has very hard time listening. He does great if he is interested. He reads beautifully, loves educational games (not just PC and video games) and enjoys homework. He has a hard time following through with tasks and staying with the group. He is not hyperactive and tends to be pretty mellow unless he is playing. He tend to get very involved in imagination play and can take it too far by becoming too rough and sometimes hurting other children. He becomes side tracked easily (by more interesting things) if he is not interested. He also tend to wander off and feels very comfortable when he does; never gets scared when lost. He loves to touch people and tends to violate personal space of often and is extremely friendly. He is willing to be anyone's friend and is willing to play anything anyone asks; very easy to get along with. On the other hand he can be quick to temper if he feels he has been treated wrongly.
My problem is the other children in his class and at camp seem to follow along and my son doesn't after a few hours. The other children don't seem to have issues keeping their hands to themselves as often, my son has this issue all day everyday. The other children don't seem to need extra support with staying on task and my son does. He turned 6 on July 26th and will be in first grade this year. The other students in his class are anywhere from a year older to 3 months younger at the youngest. I'm wondering how normal his behavior is and what other parents have done to help their kids listen, remember to follow through, follow along, and keep hands to themselves better.

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