6 year old son vs. his mom dating - HELP!

Katie - posted on 10/14/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son is 6 and his dad and I divorced 3 years ago due to his cheating ways and obsession with body building. My son used to go visit his dad every other weekend, but now he sees him regularly since he moved to our town. Its no secret that my son wishes his dad and I would get back together - but that will never happen. However, we get along fine and there is no fighting or issues.
Ive been dating a guy that has a 5 year old son. This guys is wonderful and kind and we get along great. He and my son and his son wrestle and act goofy and the boys have their getting along moments and their fighting moments, as kids do.
My son is completely ok for his dad to have a girlfriend, but when I told him that I was now dating this guy, he had a meltdown. "I dont want a stepdad, I don't want you to kiss-thats gross, etc...." and he says its different for daddy than it is for me.
I asked if he likes the guy Im dating and he does. HE says he only wants us to be friends, thats it, and we can hang out as friends only. Hes even openly told this man to go home and get out of our car and next thing you know, they are wrestling and laughing and shooting water guns.
what does this mean? I tell him hes my #1, forever. We go on little "dates" together to a movie or out to eat. We do bath/bedtime books every night.....he doesn't go without attention. But if I get on the phone or talk to this man outside or anything....he goes into a meltdown. Is this a spoiled kid or is this a kid that is emotionally hurt?
His dad makes comments like, I will always love your mom and your mom is the only one Id ever marry again - which clearly sends a bad signal and Ive asked him to stop this bc its ridiculous....but he wont.
Weird thing is, I feel like, because his dad is a "boy" its ok for him to date, but mom is a "girl" and I belong to him and only him.
The guilt is tremendous. I just hope someone can give me some advice! Or is this my future!??? I need help on the "wording" of how to make him understand - I love him more than anything, and other people will come along that I can share my love with too.

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