6 year old tantrums

Heidi - posted on 10/02/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 6 year old son is having a hard time lately. And i don't mean a wimper here and there. Everything is a catastrophe. Kicking and screaming because he didn't get out of the bath before his brother, or can't go into his sisters room because their changing. Any ideas? I've done time
e outs and losing privileges. I've tried talking to him....i'm at a loss.


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Ariana - posted on 10/02/2014




Can you try to work with him on calming techniques? Try talking to him about how sometimes when there are issues he needs to have calming breaths, or count to ten, or time in his room. Sending him to his own room to calm down is probably a good idea, or discussing it with him and then asking, "Do we need some calm out time?"

I would be consistent with the loss of privileges and time outs but also work on coping skills and learning to talk the issue out rather than yell and scream it out. When he does have a fit also try asking him what he could have done/said instead and what might be a good idea for next time.

So if so and so gets out of the bath before him and he throws a fit once he's calm again ask him what he could have done instead? He could have said, "it's not fair he gets to come out first, next time I want to get out first." Next time I won't make an issue of not getting out first or if I feel mad I'll say something without crying.

If he's doing this often then also try to really encourage and praise his good days. Catch him being good and talk about how great he is on the days he is being really good or handling frustrating things well. Praising his good behavior is just as important as trying to get rid of the negative ones.

Hope some of that helps and keep up with giving time-outs or losing privileges, while giving praise and encouragement for good behaviors and coping skills. My son went through weeks of tantrums and screaming that I thought would never end but being consistent and calm eventually paid off so now we just have the regular stresses instead of big blow outs. Having him go to his room and a zero tolerance policy on any form of kicking/punching was really helpful at my house anyway.

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