6 yr old diagnosed with lazy eye, 1 yr later his good eye is now his bad eye?

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My son had to wear a patch on his left eye for 3 hours a day for about 3-4 months I think, next visit Dr. told us his eye was great no more patches, well 5 months later and he starts talking about his eye, is telling me his left was the bad one, I cover his right eye and wow, he couldnt tell me how many fingers I had up. guessed wrong everytime, then covered left, right eye could see just fine. he has an appointment in 2 weeks but this development has got me alittle bugged out? Any ideas?


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Hi Peggy, my oldest had a lazy eye. Operated on it when she was 4.
I'm not certain but i don't think it being lazy necessarily effects the vision in it. My daughter needed glasses for both her eyes but was only lazy in 1. Lazy means it doesn't work in sink with the oher 1. They can move it on its own as the ligaments or something in the back are looser than the other side. It was over 15yrs ago so forgive me if my memory is a little fuzzy.
I do know though that my daughter, now 21 can control her lazy eye and even though she should wear glasses, hasn't done so since she was 16 & always says she doesn't need them :(

I do find it odd though that dr has changed his mind about which eye it is. I've never heard this before. Lazy eyes are common in my ex's family & none had this experience. Did you ask why he thought it had changed & how? I would ask & maybe think about 2nd opinion.

Good luck x

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