6 yr old having hard time keeping down foods after getting tonsils and adnoids out.

Shena - posted on 03/17/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




my 6 yr old son got his tonsils and adnoids out friday morning. the surgery went well and he came out of anesthesia. well. he was tired and in and out of sleep for a few hrs but then evetunally wanted to eat he ate mac n cheese did well. the next morning (saturday )about 4am he threw up the food he had ate the previous day... and after that he became really nausious. the nurses said this was normal. we went home sat and he didnt eat at all saturday he slept the entire day except when his medicine was due. now its sunday afternoon and he has thrown up 3 x already hasnt been able to eat he took a few bites of oatmeal in the morning threw it up . he drinking plenty of fluids but he cant seem to keep anythin down. his pain medicine does say though it can cause nausea. not exactly sure what to do? if there is anything i can do its now getting to the point that hes throwing up his medicine .anyone have these problems with their child? or theirself? the pain medicine hes on is called roxicet.


Firebird - posted on 03/17/2013




When my sister got her tonsils out, she lived on chicken broth and popsicles for over a week. If you think his meds are making him sick, ask the doctor for something else.

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